Groups across the East start fundraising for Covid stricken India

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As the covid pandemic in India hits another daily record of cases and deaths, relatives here in the Anglia region are mobilising their own support effort.

With hospitals at capacity and supplies of oxygen and medicine running low, those with friends and family in India have started fundraising

Prayers for relatives caught in India's Covid crisis

The campaign's being run by a group from the Sikh community in Bedford with the money raised going to charities on the frontline 

We set up a web page on Wednesday, chose five charities that are auditable, charitable status and in less than 12 hours we got 10 thousand pounds… the five charities have been chosen because they have boots on the ground in India, working on the current covid crisis either giving oxygen, supporting hospitals, giving to the needy

Jagtar Singh, Fundraiser

As international aid starts to arrive in India , those living across the East of England are hoping and praying their efforts will soon be helping too.

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