Mrs Vicar the seal making ‘positive progress’

Mrs Vicar was named locally because of the white ring stuck round her neck. Credit: RSPCA

A seal rescued from Horsey Beach in Norfolk after a plastic ring was stuck around its neck for over two years is making ‘positive progress’. 

Mrs Vicar was taken in by a seal rescue team, part of Friends of Horsey Seals, on Easter Sunday and is now under the care of the RSPCA. 

Mrs Vicar was taken in by rescuers on Easter Sunday Credit: RSPCA

The adult grey seal had a rigid 2.5cm white plastic ring embedded in her neck, causing a 7cm deep wound. At the time of taking her in rescuers and vets were concerned she would die from her injuries. 

After receiving urgent treatment vets gave Mrs Vicar antibiotics, pain relief and salt baths to help the wound heal.

Now she is making good signs of progress.

When the ring was removed it then meant that her body released a huge swell of dangerous toxins, which she had to fight off. So for the first few days she didn’t really move or show any signs of improvement, it was very worrying that she wasn’t going to pull through. However each day there’s a small sign of improvement and she started eating and her salt baths began to work on the infected wound.

Alison Charles, centre manager at East Winch

Mrs Vicar has recently moved to the centres outside pool to encourage her to build up strength. 

The team say they are ‘still very concerned for her’ and she is expected to remain at the East Winch centre for another few months.