Daughter of fishing legend John Wilson says angling improves mental health

  • Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Natalie Gray

The daughter of TV fishing legend John Wilson has combined her job as a social worker with her father's love for angling to help children and adults with their mental health.

Lisa Wilson says when you're fishing you have to be calm and focused and that coupled with being outside in the fresh air helps people to feel better.  

One of the children being helped by The John Wilson Fishing Enterprise Credit: ITV Anglia

John Wilson , from Great Witchingham in Norfolk , was once voted the greatest ever fisherman by Angling Times.  He was involved in 108 of Anglia Television's Go Fishing Programmes. 

John Wilson with TV presenter Chris Tarrant Credit: Family picture

Lisa Wilson says adults and children who struggle socially and emotionally benefit from fishing.

"They're focusing on a float. They're not thinking about anything else that's going on. They're having to concentrate. Everything else is just put out of their mind and they're just focusing on one thing and it's active," Lisa Wilson said.

"You know they're getting the fresh air. They're hearing the nature. They're by the water. All of the benefits that we know go towards promoting positive mental health," she added.

A child at The John Wilson Fishing Enterprise at Reepham Fisheries Credit: ITV Anglia

Reepham Fisheries in Norfolk is the perfect spot for beauty and a guaranteed catch. Lisa rents a lake there for her fishing experiences.

Children who've taken part said when they're fishing they're more calm and it felt like a big relaxing sensation. They also said they enjoyed catching fish and being by the lake.

And John's grandsons Tyler and Travis have caught the fishing bug too.

In 2008 reporter Natalie Gray went fishing with John Wilson at his home in Norfolk.

TV angler John Wilson with ITV Anglia's Natalie Gray in 2008 Credit: ITV Anglia

He explained why fishing is anything but boring.

You can find out more about The John Wilson Fishing Enterprise here