Family's anger over 'lenient' sentence for hit-and-run driver who killed grandfather

  • Watch a report from ITV Anglia's Emily Knight

The family of a grandfather killed in a hit and run in Luton two and a half years ago say those responsible for such crimes should face longer sentences.

Gurdial Dhalliwal, 74, was killed when 23-year-old Hassan Javaid lost control of his BMW on the A505 and mounted the pavement.

He was jailed for four years, but Mr Dhalliwal's family say it doesn't go far enough.  

Co-defendant Aneid Saghir, 31, was jailed for 10 months for perverting the course of justice.

Grandfather Gurdial Dhalliwal was killed in a hit and run in 2018. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Hardeep Gill, Gurdial's daughter, said: "What happened on the day was he got hit by a car which was driving too fast and he was just walking down the road, unaware of what's going to happen to him.

"We feel as a family let down by the justice system. We feel angry.

"If the driver had stayed with my dad, instead of running off, we would have felt maybe a little bit different, but the fact that he ran off and just left him there to die... we can't forgive that.

"I know the judge needed to follow the guidelines but the guidelines need to be looked at. They're too lenient."

Hassan Javaid, 23, was jailed for four years for causing death by dangerous driving. Credit: Bedfordshire Police

Sergeant Mark Dollard, from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit, said: "Ultimately this collision was caused by a young man driving a high-powered vehicle that he was inexperienced at driving.

"He was driving grossly in excess of the speed limit and that is what caused the collision.

"I can understand that the family are frustrated with the length of sentences handed out to Mr Javaid and Mr Saghir, however they're within the sentencing guidelines and it's not for me to comment on the rights or wrongs of that."