Personal trainer takes his gym on the road to help physical and mental health

  • Watch a report from ITV Anglia's Sarah Cooper

A personal trainer from Cambridgeshire has set up a mobile gym in the back of a van, inspired by his struggle with depression.

Liam Rushmer has filled the back of the van with equipment, meaning he can leave the gym environment which can be stressful for some of his clients.

"If you're in a gym, you can't control the atmosphere around you, here it literally is just you and your trainer, you've got nothing to fear," he said.

"We're coming to your home, your public place, to your workplace, so they're places that you know well."

The desire for a more peaceful atmosphere to work out in is inspired by the 37-year-old's mental health struggles.

He said the gym he worked in became "sort of a prison to me" after he lost his father, grandfather, best friend and had another family tragedy in the space of a year.

"I was staying in a dark room all day and then members would come in and start banging weights around", he said.

"I had a sensitivity to sound, so that would make my heart rate pound and that anxiety could last for a couple of days."

The dad from Old Hurst near Huntingdon hopes it will also help those who do not feel comfortable exercising in a traditional gym environment.