The Super Thursday Vote 2021: Local Election results in Cambridgeshire

Labour have snatched the Cambridgeshire mayoral race from the Conservatives in a rare victory for the party this election cycle.

Nik Johnson has been elected the new mayor, coming from 17,000 votes behind after the first round of voting to win by over 5,000 votes when second preferences were counted.

He unseated James Palmer, who had been mayor since the position was created in 2017.

Mr Johnson won thanks in large to picking up the majority of second choice votes, following the elimination of Liberal Democrat Aidan Van de Weyer after the first round of voting.

Nik Johnson unseated the incumbent James Palmer

The new mayor has been a vocal critic in the past about some of Palmer's key policies, including an autonomous metro in Cambridge.

Dr Nik Johnson will face pressure to support the regions economy post pandemic, something business group The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) says will take 'commitment'.

Speaking to ITV Anglia the new mayor spoke about some of his key policies and what he wants to do over the next four years.

  • Dr Nik Johnson on social housing and busses

  • Dr Nik Johnson on changing the name of the combined authority

  • Dr Nik Johnson on public health

Cambridgeshire has been a trickier proving ground for the Conservatives in 2021, compared to their success in the rest of England.

They lost control over Cambridgeshire County Council, after losing seven seats in Thursday's votes.

But the party did retain the Police & Crime Commissioner post when Darryl Preston was elected late on Saturday evening.

The county council is now be a hung council with no one party in overall control.

The Liberal Democrats will be seen as the big winners, picking up four seats, while Labour gained three.

The new council is made up of 28 Conservative councillors, 20 Liberal Democrats, nine Labour and four Independents.

Cambridgeshire County Council now has a hung council, after the Torys lost control. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The interactive map shows the party winner in each Cambridgeshire County Council electoral division

Cambridge City Council

Labour have retained control of Cambridge City Council, and have 25 councillors - an increase of one seat.

The Green Party have also made two gains - their first seats on the council for two years

The Liberal Democrats are the second largest party on the authority with 12 seats have lost three seats at this election.

Councillor Tim Bick, the Lib Dem leader on the city council said: "We set out to bring about change both to the county and the city. We have happily succeeded with first, but sadly the second will have to wait for now, as Labour will remain in control of the city council.

"I am naturally disappointed at this within the city council. I'm also very sorry to have lost two valued and hardworking colleagues, Anthony Martinelli and Josh Matthews, and that several others didn’t quite get across the line this time. 

"I’d like to congratulate those who won seats from all parties and look forward to working with them in the future. For all concerned, this was a difficult election conducted under unusual circumstances."

Current political composition of councillors on Cambridge City Council - use the dropdown menu to select previous elections

Current political composition of councillors on Peterborough City Council - use the dropdown menu to select previous elections

In Peterborough, the council remains a hung council, with no one party claiming overall majority.

The Conservative Party and the Green Party both gained one seat, with the Liberal Democrats, Labour and Independents all losing one.

The Conservative Party has the most amount of seats with 21 , followed by the Independents with 11.

In Peterborough there is no overall control of the council. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Labour has currently suspended the party whip from nine of its councillors in Peterborough pending investigations.

Cambridgeshire Police & Crime Commissioner

The result of the 2021 Police & Crime Commissioner election in Cambridgeshire

A former police officer who served with the Met and the Cambridgeshire force for 30 years have been elected at the new Police & Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire.

Conservative candidate Darryl Preston was elected after beating Labour's Nicky Massey when second preference votes were counted.

Mr Preston secured 42.9% of first preference votes failing to reach the 50% threshold needed for outright victory.

He replaces fellow Conservative Ray Bisby who had been the acting PCC since Jason Ablewhite, who was elected in 2016, resigned in 2019.

The four candidates standing for Police & Crime Commissioner in Cambridgeshire

Elected mayor for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

There three contenders who stood for the elected Mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough in 2021

There were three candidates standing for the only elected metro mayor post in the East of England.

The elected mayor works with the Cambridgeshire Combined Authority, which has representatives from the county council and all the district councils. They are responsible for transport, planning and housing priorities.

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