Peterborough on the up! The city named as one of UK's fastest growing cities in report

Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Elodie Harper.

Peterborough United may have secured promotion to the Championship - but the football club is not the only thing about the city that's on the rise.

Peterborough United celebrates promotion to the Championship. Credit: PA Images

According to a survey, Peterborough is one of only 9 cities in the UK with better job opportunities now, than before the pandemic.

Distribution and manufacturing companies have created the majority of the vacancies driving the city to be ranked the eighth best performing city in the UK, in the table compiled by the research organisation Centre for Cities.

Some of those jobs will be created by Masteroast Coffee Company. Over the pandemic when cafes were closed, they started selling direct to customers as well as to businesses.

It's a major investment for us it will create new jobs, new investment in tech as well. We think Peterborough has a good chance of becoming of logistics and fulfillment especially on direct to consumer products.

Andy Fawkes, Managing Director, Masteroast Coffee Company

Now they are building a new one and a half million pound warehouse.

Peterborough's ambition to become a boom town is happening on multiple fronts, including the riverfront new homes are being built, as well as yet more businesses.

The City will be supported by Anglia Ruskin University building its third site, with a focus on providing training for jobs in the local economy.