Bluebell wood at Coton Manor in Northampton in stunning bloom

  • Watch ITV Anglia's Rebecca Haworth's report from bluebell wood in Northampton

Bluebell wood at Coton Manor in Northampton is finally in bloom.

The recent cold weather at night had been holding back the progress of the bluebells but now visitors can enjoy a spectacular display.

Hundreds of thousands of delicate bluebells are currently flowering in the wood.

Susie Pasley-Tyler Head Gardener and Owner said: "It's ancient woodland, I suspect the bluebells have been here forever."

Bluebells on display at Coton Manor in Northampton Credit: ITV Anglia

She added: "It is an exceptional piece of woodland because there's no middle story planting to interfere with the view of the bluebells and the combination of the blue and the lime green leaves, these beautiful vertical Beech trees really give it a cathedral like effect."

Bluebells are at their most vibrant in May with around eighty per cent in full bloom at the moment.

Bluebells are easily damaged, especially if they're trodden on. 

Visitors are being asked to stick to the paths and avoid treading on any plants.

Coton Manor welcomes thousands of visitors to its garden each year.

Susie Pasley-Tyler said: "It's become a pilgrimage for so many people."