‘Don’t be afraid’: Local celebrities encourage people to get mental health support

  • Darren Eadie speaks to ITV Anglia

Local celebrities from across Norfolk are encouraging people to access mental health support. 

A new video has been launched by the mental health organisation Wellbeing in an effort to encourage people to reach out. 

The video sees footballers, singers, a paralympian and others read a poem written by Jacqui Frost from Norfolk.

Jacqui contacted the Wellbeing service when she struggled with her mental health, and is now encouraging others to do the same.

The video has been launched during Mental Health Awareness Week (10-16 May). 

  • Read Jacqui Frost’s poem that inspired the campaign

Don't be afraid if you are feeling low

you're not the only one you know.                               

Help is here, it's quick and it's free.                              

Reach out, reach out. It's that easy.                             

If you're worried and anxious about anything at all.

No matter how big no matter how small.                  

Employment, family, stress and low mood                   

Don't sit at home and brood.                                         

We don't judge, we listen we help and we care.       

Reach out, reach out. Our service is here.                 

Help is here don't be afraid.                                           

Asking will be the bravest step you have made.         

You're just 3 clicks away from the help that you need.

We give you the tools and you take the lead.                 

Reach out, reach out in your time of need.