Archaeological dig in Cambridge unearths Roman human remains

Archaeological dig
The archaeological dig at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge Credit: Lucy Cavendish College

Human remains, pottery and a cobbled road believed to date from the Roman settlement in Cambridge have been unearthed at Lucy Cavendish College.

The archaeological excavations were undertaken at the college ahead of the construction of its new student accommodation.

Lucy Cavendish, on Madingley Road, is just outside the Roman town in Cambridge and findings have so far included cooking pits and a considerable amount of pottery fragments as well as a variety of coins.

The two human remains were found part of a Roman inhumation burial and have been excavated with care and respect. They will now be studied to try to find out their age, gender and what kinds of food they ate.

All the results from the excavations will be published in the Cambridgeshire Archaeological Journal.