Solo sailor gearing up for another crack at one of the sport's toughest races

  • Watch a video report by our Sport Correspondent Donovan Blake

For many, the thought of spending 95 days alone, sailing some of the world's toughest oceans might be a little daunting.

Pip Hare's already ticked that off, now she wants to do it again.

Cambridgeshire born and Suffolk raised, her participation in the Vendée Globe Race was just an appetizer.

Now just three months after crossing the finish line in France, Pip's thoughts have already switched towards embarking on a second global journey.

Pip already has the title backers from her recent trek on board, Medallia. A huge weight off her mind while the effects of the pandemic still linger. 

Pip Hare competing in the Vendee Globe race. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"It's a huge amount of security and I think when I look at my last Vendee race, getting to the line was a struggle. Trying to get all the funding in place is where most of my energy went for two years. And so I had to take a back seat developing my own skills as a sailor. And this time round I've got an opportunity to invest in myself as an athlete and that's really exciting."