Wildlife photographer shows ITV Anglia badger cubs and nightingales at Fingringhoe Wick

Watch Hannah Pettifer's report ITV Anglia have been documenting the region's wildlife with photographer Russell Savory for some time.

Last month Russell had a stroke, but he's recovering well and is using the wildlife around him as part of his therapy.

Our reporter Hannah Pettifer went along to visit him to take a look at the badgers near his home in Stevenage, and hunt for nightingales in Fingeringhoe Wick in Essex.

Nightingale birds sing a loud and distinctive song to defend their territory and attract a mate.

Russell said:

A nightingale singing in a tree in Fingringhoe Wick Credit: ITV Anglia

With Russell's help, Hannah was also able to film the badgers at the bottom of Russell's garden near Stevenage.

The three cubs emerged last month and are becoming increasingly playful.

Badger cubs captured playing together Credit: ITV Anglia

Badger setts like this one in Fingringhoe can be over a hundred years old, with many generations of badgers having lived there.

Russell says that watching them has been great for his recovery.

And with just a few weeks left before the abundance of Spring starts to mellow, all the more reason to enjoy it now.