Peterborough man completes world record bear crawl attempt

  • Watch a video of Liam Richardson as he finishes his 24 hour bear crawl challenge

Peterborough gym owner, Liam Richardson has completed a challenge to bear crawl around the city for 24 hours.

The 27 year old hopes to have set a new Guiness World Record after he crawled on his hands for 22.8 miles around the city for 24 hours.

He started at 1pm on Saturday and finished in the city centre on Sunday lunchtime.

Liam Richardson nearing the end of his 24 challenge Credit: ITV Anglia

A video of the challenged will now be sent to the Guiness World records for it to be ratified.

Liam undertook the challenge to raise money for local charity, MIND CPSL. His target was to raise £5,000 and since completing the crawl, he has exceeded that total.

  • Watch Liam Richardon's Facebook video of him celebrating after finishing the challenge