Campaigners call for industrial heritage of Corby to be protected

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Campaigners are calling for more to be done to protect and conserve Corby's industrial heritage.

Recently an old steelworks administration building was demolished and the area cleared and there are fears that bit by bit the town's history is being lost, replaced by new development.

Kate Cronin: give a nod to the past...

One of those people worried about the trend is Northamptonshire Telegraph reporter Kate Cronin. She says she's not against progress, but wants a 'pause for thought' about what to do with old factories or steelworks.

The town centre has seen radical change over 20 years. For many buildings, campaigner's say it's too late.

Corby: calls for a pause for thought

In the town centre there is still the odd reminder of this area's heritage. One prime example is the Corby steel worker, this statue. But in the past even the statues haven't been safe from the scrapyard.

The Spirit of Corby was a sculpture unveiled in 1975. By the early 2000s, it was on its side in a town centre car park. It was saved by campaigners.

The Spirit of Corby when it was unveiled in 1975

In the town centre, there are strong feelings about Corby's past, with many wanting more to be done to preserve the buildings where family members worked.

A woman told us: "My husband worked at the steelworks, my father-in-law did, my dad did. Yeah it's important, it's history. "

Perhaps it was best summed up by this Corby resident, who said: