Dashcam: £50,000 Tesla crushed by concrete blocks falling from lorry

Shocking dashcam footage shows the moment a pallet of concrete blocks fell off the side of a lorry and smashed on top of a passing car. 

Neil Collins and his wife Alison from Bunwell in Norfolk were on their way to Holkham in their Tesla to celebrate Alison's 50th birthday when it happened.

"We saw some bricks coming off the back of the lorry heading towards us, then after that it was glass, smoke, airbags. We had a lady talking to us, the car actually registered that we had had an accident so rang emergency services.

"So the first that I recollected - really, from seeing the bricks fall, is hearing the lady asking what services we want - whether it was fire, ambulance or the police," Alison said.

The electric Tesla, worth thousands, was wrecked but remarkably they were unhurt

The incident took place on the B1535 at Weston Longville. Remarkably the couple escaped unhurt, but it was a different story for their Tesla.

Having forked out £50,000 to buy it just a few weeks before, it was declared a write-off. But despite only having the car for a matter of days, Neil reckons it saved their lives.

"It must have hit with an enormous impact, but the rest of the car around us, the safety cages as it were, held really well so all the glass went but it didn't cave in and we walked away which is amazing really. I think any other car, we would have been lucky to have walked out."

The whole incident was captured on the car's built-in dashcam and has been handed over to the police who are investigating the incident.