Surge testing for the Indian variant of Covid extended in three areas of Bedford Borough

Mobile surge testing in Bedford Borough. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Surge testing for the so called 'Indian variant' of coronavirus in Bedford Borough has been extended as the variant now accounts for ninety per cent of cases there.

Cases of COVID-19 in the Borough are continuing to rise so surge testing to identify positive cases of the virus will continue in three areas of Kingsbrook, Cauldwell and Queens Park.

  • Up to 19th May, there were 345 confirmed cases of the variant of concern VOC-21APR-02 in Bedford Borough.

Surge testing has been extended for a week in Bedford. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Testing is being extended for a further week to give people the opportunity to take a free PCR test.

Bedford Borough Council says with a third of people not showing symptoms of the virus, but still being able to spread it, the tests enable the virus to be identified and through self-isolating help reduce its spread.

Mobile Testing Units will continue to be available, seven days a week at:

  • Oasis Beach Pool, Cardington Road, Kingsbrook, Bedford, MK42 0BZ (8am to 6pm)

  • John Bunyan Sports and Fitness, Mile Road, Cauldwell, Bedford, MK42 9TS (8am to 6pm)

  • Enterprise House, Old Ford End Road, Queens Park, Bedford, MK40 4PF (8am to 5pm)

The mobile testing units accept people in cars and on foot, and no appointment is necessary.

Alternatively collect and drop off points for PCR tests, to be carried out at home, will be available at Tesco Car Park, Cardington Road, Morrisons Car Park, Ampthill Road and Queens Park Community Centre. All open every day except Bank Holiday Monday.

The council is also advising people who live outside the surge testing areas to carry out twice weekly rapid tests.