Thousands sign petition to save Cambridge's Blue Cross cat rehoming centre

  • Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Stuart Leithes.

Thousands of people have signed a petition to save Cambridge's Blue Cross cat rehoming centre.

It's feared it could close as the charity aims to make savings of a million pounds a year because of pressures due to the pandemic.

Blue Cross, Cambridge Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Blue Cross says it's entered into a consultation period to restructure the charity for the future with 110 of its 774 employees across the country at risk of redundancy.

The campaigners think the charity would like to move to a system where cats are fostered in homes rather than kept in the Cambridge centre.

But they're concerned about the availability of foster homes and the welfare of abandoned cats.

The Blue Cross charity has begun a consultation period on restructuring for the future. Credit: ITV News Anglia

They believe the best option for unwanted cats is to keep the rehoming centre open as a focal point for visitors who want to offer them a better life.