Door-to-door coronavirus testing begins in Bedford

  • Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Elodie Harper

Door-to-door coronavirus testing began in Bedford this weekend.

Teams of volunteers made the rounds in Cauldwell, Kingsbrook and Queens Park handing out free PCR kits, returning the same day to collect them. 

Surge testing in the area started two weeks ago in response to a rise in cases of the Delta, formerly know as Indian, variant. Currently the vast majority of cases in the town are Delta.

Bedford has one of the highest infection rates across the country, despite numbers dropping in recent days. 

The tests will allow everyone who does not have symptoms to get checked. Authorities hope this will reduce the viruses spread throughout the community. 

Around 7,000 tests have already been taken across Bedford since surge testing began.

People will be asked to self-isolate if they are positive. 

Those handing out the kits will be wearing Bedford Borough Council lanyards for identification.

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