Giant bath installed in Harlow to encourage people to stop wasting water

A giant bath has been installed in Harlow in Essex this weekend to stop people wasting water.

It comes as water companies admit that over-consumption and water wasting is putting the region's rivers and streams at risk.

The Anglia region is home to some of the driest parts of the country, and so we use more water than we get from the skies, falling as rain.

Because of this, water companies then take water from our rivers and streams.

This puts our chalk streams, like the the River Wensum in Norfolk and the River Cam in Cambridgeshire, at risk of drying out.

Water companies now say that using our chalk streams in this way is unsustainable, and that it is up to the consumer to stop wasting water to prevent further damage to the rivers.

To highlight the problem and encourage people to use less water, the giant bath will be in Harlow all weekend.

Built by Affinity Water, the tub is 125 times bigger than a standard bath.

Chalk streams are said to be more endangered than the Bengal tiger and the black rhino.