Volunteers near 10,000 hour mark at Addenbrooke's Hospital

Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. Credit: ITV Anglia.

Volunteers who stepped in to help Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge through the pandemic have just pledged another year of support.

More than 9,300 hours have been clocked up by volunteers from St John Ambulance. They think they will hit 10,000 hours by the end of the summer.

There was concern hospitals would be overwhelmed as a result of the pandemic, volunteers helped to ensure it did not happen.

All were already trained first aiders, but they also had to complete a special two day course.

They help with ensuring equipment is where it needs to be, feeding patients, distributing drinks, collecting items for patients, or sometimes just providing company to those feeling scared or lonely.

Mel Godefroy, St John Ambulance Volunteer. Credit: Addenbrookes Hospital

Mel Godefroy has committed 800 hours to Addenbrooke's despite also being a nursing assistant at West Suffolk Hospital.