D-Day landings remembered across the region

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The 77th anniversary of D-Day has been remembered across the region.

At Duxford Imperial War Museum displays of iconic aircraft included a Spitfire, Mustang and Grasshoppers.

Duxford played a pivotal role in the Normandy landings, providing air support for the ground operations on the beaches.

In Chatteris, 98 year old Kenneth Peppercorn shared his own memories of landing at Gold Beach with ITV News Anglia.

"We were penned-in at Boreham and we knew something was happening as we saw the paratroopers going over. We were loaded into landing craft, about 30 men in each.

"When we got to Gold Beach, near Arromanches, we followed the Canadians onto the beach. I remember the sea was full of life jackets and blood, it looked like hell.

"When the ramp was dropped, I was the first off and I fell straight into a hole, went under the water with my full pack and gun with me, but I managed to surface and get onto the beach.  

"We were being fired at by a sniper, but I managed to scramble up the dunes and high grass and found a shell crater to shelter in."Two thousand people attended the flying day at Duxford, a third of the usual numbers due to Covid restrictions.

Police have been paying their respects too. Bedfordshire Police saying "We will never forget their incredible sacrifice and service."