Am-dram meets running: a Milton Keynes group re-enact historic fight from 200 years ago

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A group of runners from Milton Keynes have been stretching their vocal cords as well as their legs by taking part in a so-called drama run. The Redway Runners, in the village of Hanslope near Newport Pagnell, decided to re-enact a fight from 1830 between the bare-knuckle champion of Scotland, Alexander McKay and Irishman, Simon Byrne.

The 'Fight at Salcey Green' had been made at a sporting dinner at the Castle Tavern Holborn for £100 a side where a huge crowd had gathered.

Credit: ITV News Anglia

The modern-day remake, taking place almost 200 years later, was a bit tamer than the original fight which ended in tragedy.

The original brawl lasted 47 rounds and it didn't end well for the Bare-Knuckle champion of Scotsman.

Credit: ITV News Anglia

Some of the runners who attended the event said it was a lot of fun to combine their love of running with some drama.