Inquest into death of Cambridge woman Raffy Tsakanika delayed as Qatari authorities fail to provide evidence

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A Cambridge family is fighting to find out the truth of how their daughter daughter died in 2019.

21-year-old Raffy Tsakanika was killed in a hit and run in Qatar.

An inquest was due to start today, but the Qatari authorities are yet to provide the coroner with the necessary evidence.

Raffy's mum, Jo Sullivan, told ITV Anglia that she desperately wants answers about how her daughter died.

Raffy Credit: Family photo

She has been told by the Qatari authorities that Raffy was killed in a hit and run accident in Doha but there remain many unanswered questions about her death and today Raffy's inquest had to be changed to a pre-inquest, because of the lack of information.

At the pre-inquest the coroner agreed to Raffy's family's request that both the Foreign Office and the Qatari authorities be invited to become interested parties in the case.

The lawyer acting for the family also raised questions about whether Raffy really was killed in a single road traffic accident, and stressed the need to obtain further video evidence of the incident and the scene.

Another pre-inquest will be held in 4 months time.

Jo is hoping the next four months might finally provide the breakthrough she so desperately needs.