Cambridge Blue Cross cat rehoming centre to close despite online petition

  • Watch an interview with the Chief Operating Officer of Blue Cross, Kelly Grellier

A cat rehoming centre in Cambridge will close at the end of the month, despite strong local opposition.

More than 12,000 people signed a petition calling for the Blue Cross centre on Newmarket Road to stay open.

The Blue Cross charity told ITV News Anglia that the decision to close the centre was taken because it is a 'cat only' centre.

The charity Blue Cross says the decision to close the cat rehoming centre in Cambridge was taken with a "heavy heart". Credit: ITV News Anglia

The charity wants to change its presence in Cambridge by closing the centre and opening a new behaviour advice and rehoming unit in the city which will help all pets, not just cats.

The closure will mean the loss of ten jobs with mostly compulsory redundancies.

The charity says it i snow planning to sell its property on Newmarket Road.

Petition creator, Lesley Mackie, said the Cambridge centre should be kept ‘open at all costs’. 

The charity says the plans are part of a broader, UK-wide strategy to reshape and expand its services, putting Blue Cross on a more secure financial footing as it looks to save £1 million this year.

The charity says its plans have been accelerated by the pandemic which has required it to make significant changes to operations and look at new ways of working.