Ely Cathedral’s Peregrine Falcon chicks take flight

Ely Cathedral’s resident Peregrine Falcon chicks have all now fledged- whilst under the watchful eye of a live webcam.

The birds moved into the city’s famous cathedral back in 2019, so a webcam was installed, allowing the public to watch events live.

Announcing the news on twitter, a cathedral spokesperson said: “We have some good news to share with you - all four of our Peregrine Falcon chicks have now fledged!What an amazing job the parent birds have done to raise 4 healthy youngsters.We hope have enjoyed watching the webcam over the past few months. "

Peregrine falcons were driven to near extinction in the UK through the use of pesticides and hunters. They can grow up to half a metre in length and are formidable hunters, diving at speeds of just under 250 miles an hour to catch their prey.

Ely is not the only cathedral in the East of England to provide a nesting site for these formidable creatures. The Hawk and Owl Trust has also installed a live webcam in the spire of Norwich Cathedral- where peregrines have nested for years.