Delta variant cases fall in the Anglia region as the overall infection rate rises

Nurse Sonia Wilson (right) vaccinates eighteen-year-old Cameron Ladd (left) with the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination, at a mass coronavirus vaccination centre at Adwick Leisure Centre, in Doncaster, as the NHS �Grab a jab� vaccine drive continues in England. Picture date: Sunday June 27, 2021.
The number of Delta variant cases in the Anglia region has declined while the overall infection rate is still rising Credit: PA images

The latest weekly count of Delta variant cases of coronavirus in the Anglia region has seen a 39% decline but overall Covid cases are still rising.

Nearly 700 Delta variant cases were identified in the Eastern Counties in the week to 19 June - the latest period for which data is available. During the previous week there were more than 1,100 cases.

There is a time lag with the release of figures involving the Delta variant, formerly known as the Indian variant, because it takes longer to analyse the genetic make-up of the positive test sample.

The decline is in sharp contrast to more recent data for coronavirus cases overall and they show a continuing rise in the infection rate.

In the week to 23 June, there were 4,291 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the ITV Anglia region compared with 3,059 in the previous seven days. That was a weekly increase of more than 40%.

The interactive map shows the proportion of Delta variant cases in each local authority area in the ITV Anglia region along with the weekly case numbers

The highest concentration of cases of the variant B1617.2, which was first detected in India and has now been designated the Delta variant by the World Health Organisation, were first identified in the Anglia region in Bedfordshire but there have now reduced in the county.

The largest increase in Delta variant cases in the Anglia region in the week to 19 June was in Cambridge although there were only 23 cases compared to six in the previous week.

The NHS reported on Monday it was treating 82 coronavirus patients in hospitals in the East of England - the highest number since 5 May.

The Anglia region consists of the East of England counties of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk along with Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes and Rutland

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