Protest rally calls for 'mega' Wisbech Incinerator plans to be scrapped

  • Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Liz Summers

About 200 people gathered for a rally in Wisbech to protest against plans to build one of the largest waste incinerators in Europe.

Campaigners against the proposals said it would bring hundreds of lorries to the town every day and the area does not have the infrastructure to cope with that level of traffic.

Mayor of the Combined Authority, Nik Johnson, addressed the rally against the Wisbech incinerator

The campaign was supported by the Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Dr Nik Johnson, who said the incinerator was "fundamentally wrong" for Wisbech.

"I'll be speaking directly where I can to those people in central government to explain that unfortunately this is not something that is needed here to indeed for the whole of the United Kingdom," Nik Johnson added.

Campaigners against the Wisbech incinerator

The German company behind the incinerator, MVV, said a delayed public consultation would start today at various locations around the town and online.

The company said a project team would be at the exhibitions over the next 6 weeks to answer questions and listen to concerns.

“Since our non-statutory consultation in 2020 we have further developed our proposals and incorporated feedback from a variety of stakeholders," MVV’s Managing Director, Paul Carey, said.

"This is now the opportunity for the local community and all other stakeholders to look at what we propose and provide further feedback.”

“The public exhibitions provide a real opportunity for the local community to come and talk to us, so we can further explain our proposals and address any concerns they may have.” Paul Carey added.

The consultation starts today and runs until 13 August.