Bedford becomes first town in UK to trial Uber ‘Local Cab’ initiative

  • Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Matthew Hudson

Bedford will become the first town in the UK to trial a ride-hailing app initiative that works in partnership with a local taxi company.

'Local Cab', which has already been launched in three cities Plymouth, Exeter and Oxford will enable passengers in the town to book a trip with a local taxi company via the Uber app.

The decision to select Bedford for the trial was based on the number of times the Uber app is opened in the town.

'Local Cab' will enable passengers to book a trip with a local taxi company via the Uber app Credit: PA Images

Customers opening the Uber app in Bedford will be connected to Key Cars a private hire taxi firm in the town.

The idea is to increase business for both Uber and the local taxi company.

Amna Sadiqa from Bedford’s Key Cars said: "We are very excited, it's a new thing. Key Cars has been around since 1962. This is a very big thing for us and going forward hopefully this will generate a lot of business.

"This way we can welcome new drivers to our company. We've had a terrible year to begin with but hopefully the drivers are back on driving again, the customers are going out again so hopefully it will pick up again."

Ash Kebriti, UK General Manager of Uber said: "Key cars knows Bedford better than we do, they are local, reputable and they are excited about having the access to the app, we know riders like the convenience, so we think this is a much better way of being able to help these communities."