Blur star: Football records 'naffest genre' but great to get people singing

If you happened to have watched the big match yesterday, the chances are - you'll probably recognise this:

Blur bassist Alex James says he still loves football songs - despite describing them as the naffest genre.

The musician, who hails from Colchester, helped pen the Fat Les 'classic' Vindaloo before the 1998 world cup.

He descibes the song - possibly one of the most infectious earworms of all time - as a football "ode to joy."

The song peaked at number two in the chart following its release, but it has remained a popular England football tournament song.

Fan of the singing, he's just a fan of the singing... Credit: PA Images

Discussing his reasons for writing the song, James said: “Part of what appealed to me about it, it was kind of the naffest genre.

He said that writing a football song is “sort of half as good as having a Christmas record”.

“There’s a football tournament every two years,” James added.

James said the thing he has “always loved” about going to football games is the singing.

“Once you leave junior school and you stop singing songs in assembly, there are very, very few occasions when people just sing, particularly unaccompanied.

James said when he played Vindaloo to his publisher for the first time he said it will “never get on the radio”.

“I have still never heard it on the radio and I’m not sure that broadcasters like it,” he added.

“It’s a little bit lairy for the living room.”

All Together Now: The Football Album, which features Vindaloo, is out now on BMG. Listen or order here.

We of course find out on Sunday whether football finally makes it home...

England v Italy: What you need to know about the Euro 2020 final

When is the final happening?

The Euro 2020 final kicks off at 8pm on Sunday 11 July at Wembley Stadium.

Can I get a ticket?

While the capacity for the final, along with both semi-finals which have all been at Wembley, has been increased to more than 60,000, it seems there is little hope of securing a ticket if you do not already have one. As it stands, there are no tickets on sale on the Uefa website for the final. Most ticket sales took place in 2019, long before the matches in each stage of the knockout stage of the competition were known. If the situation changes, however, and more tickets do become available, fans would likely need to stump up hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds to secure a seat.

Where can I watch the game on TV or online?

The game will be broadcast on ITV, with its coverage starting from 6.30pm on Sunday. It will also be available to stream online on the ITV Hub (for viewers in the UK only).

What if I'm watching it at a pub?

Pubs in England will be allowed to stay open later on Sunday, in case the final goes to penalties, Downing Street has said.

The government has granted pubs special permission to open until 11.15pm - 15 minutes after normal closing time on Sunday.