Norfolk's Queen of Knitting gets the royal seal of approval

You might have heard of Margaret Seaman from Norfolk. She's a great great grandmother with a touch of arthritis in her fingers - but that hasn't stopped her knitting the most astonishing models over the last few years.

Sandringham- at Sandringham! Credit: ITV News Anglia

The 92-year-old's latest creation, a stitched Sandringham, has been given the royal seal of approval and is now on display in the ballroom at Sandringham House.

One of her most impressive creations- the Sandringham estate Credit: ITV News Anglia

Among the many visitors already wowed by the model is Her Majesty the Queen, who enjoyed private meeting with Margaret.

The knitted Sandringham has raised thousands of pounds for charity.

The Queen's love of horses is even reflected Credit: ITV News Anglia

Over the years, the fastest fingers in Caister-on-Sea have churned out everything from enchanted woods to Great Yarmouth's Golden Mile.

Great Yarmouth's golden mile- in wool! Credit: ITV News Anglia

During the pandemic she even created her very own 'NHS Knittingale'- which she hopes will go to one of Norfolk's hospitals.

The 'Knittingale' Hospital Credit: ITV News Anglia

She told ITV News Anglia that the Sandringham estate was the hardest thing she had stitched and she nearly gave up but seeing it in the ballroom she said "It's just everything, I couldn't be more proud if I tried, it's wonderful"

You can book tickets to see the masterpiece which will be on show at the Royal estate until October.