Tears as people turned away from Cambridge vaccination centre for turning up too early

Some people hoping to get their second Covid jab in Cambridge on Saturday were left disappointed after they were turned away from the one of the city's walk-in vaccination sites for turning up too early.

King's College is just one of several walk-in centres that are being offered this weekend as the government urges people to get their second dose before restrictions are lifted on Monday.

However, some people were left frustrated after they were told that they couldn't get a jab because they hadn't yet waited eight weeks between their first and second doses.

Many people were visibly upset, including one new mother who was in tears, while another man told ITV News Anglia that he had been asked to leave - despite being only three days short of the eight-week target.

Initial guidance from vaccination experts said people should receive their Covid-19 vaccines up to 12 weeks apart, but that was recently changed to eight weeks.

A woman is turned away from the vaccination centre. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Speaking to ITV News Anglia, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group Chair Dr Gary Howsam said the centre was sorry to see people upset, but added that it was important to follow government guidance.

"As a clinical group, we're here to follow the guidance," he said.

"The guidance is set out by the panel of experts on the joint committee for vaccinations and immunisations, and as it's national guidance, we're obliged to follow it."

Pfizer is a highly perishable vaccine and the centre say that they make huge efforts to minimize waste, including staying open 10 minutes later if there is any left over in an open vial.

The vaccination centre at King's College is open until 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday.