Report identifies Clacton among seaside towns suffering worst health and low life expectancy

  • Dr Michael Gogarty, Director of Public Health for Essex talks about the issues facing Clacton

Serious health challenges existing in coastal towns like Clacton must be tackled by the Government or they will "get worse", according to a report by England's top doctor.

Professor Chris Whitty Professor has recommended a cross-government national strategy to improve the health and wellbeing of coastal communities as part of his 2021 Annual Report.

The report found those living in coastal communities face lower life expectancies and higher rates of many major diseases compared to people in inland areas.

The report said that seaside towns, like Clacton, are "remarkable and beautiful" but they also hide some of the worst health outcomes.

The Essex Director of Public Health Dr Michael Gogarty, who contributed to the report, said the issues facing the county's coastal communities were very concerning.

He was confident in the local authorities, health services and communities to address many of the problems facing the local population.

However, he felt outside help from Government would be essential if the area was to regenerate in terms of jobs and investment.

“Improving health in former seaside resorts will require support for economic regeneration," Dr Gogarty said.

"Without access to good jobs, poverty, low educational aspiration and poor mental health will continue,” he added.