Mill Road bridge set to reopen after politicians vote against continuing controversial closures

The bridge was closed to all traffic except buses, cyclists and pedestrians as part of a trial. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Mill Road bridge in Cambridge is set to reopen after politicians voted against continuing controversial closures.

The bridge has been closed to all traffic except buses, cyclists and pedestrians since June 2020 in an experiment to encourage more people to choose to walk and cycle.  

Traders say the bridge closure has caused them to lose business. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The changes, which were put in as a response to the pandemic, also saw red and white barriers, known as ‘build-outs’, put in down the road to allow pedestrians more space to socially distance when walking along this narrow high street.

Last week, 24th July, The Mill Road Traders Association organised a protest march to highlight the damage they say closing Mill Road Bridge has caused to businesses.

They've since welcomed the reopening.

Bridge closure row splits Cambridge community

The Mill Road Traders Association staged a protest last week. Credit: ITV News Anglia

However, some campaign groups like Mill Road for People say they are 'extremely disappointed' by the decision. 

In a statement, Mill Road for People said:

"We are sure the thousands of local residents who have expressed their anxiety at the prospect of this outcome will be shocked to discover that so much traffic is about to re-enter our community.

The Committee’s decision today simply takes us back to all the problems ofcollisions, congestion, pollution, and disabled access that existed before.

However, the committee opened up a new phase of work, which is to consult on along-term solution for Mill Road, over the coming 6 months.

We will continue our work to speak to residents and traders to find a sensible, compromise position. Mill Road for People will continue to campaign for a low traffic low pollution street for the benefit of all."

Mill Road will now reopen to traffic. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The final say went to the chair of the transport committee, after an initial 7-7 vote. 

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