Region's hotels hope to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels as restrictions ease

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With the announcement that double jabbed tourists coming from Europe and the US will not have to quarantine, the region's tourism industry is hoping this will help them recover to pre-pandemic levels.

As airports bring in more tourists, the region's multi-million pound hotel sector will hope to put many of them up.

Especially hotels in Cambridge, where a fifth of jobs are related to tourism after the pandemic nearly wiped out the sector last year.

The colleges of Cambridge University with their medieval architecture are renowned around the world and the tourists they attract are vital to making the city the prosperous place its been for centuries.

2019 Credit: ITV Anglia

In pre-pandemic times the Cambridge tourism industry saw over eight million tourists a year which brought in £850 million for the city's economy.

There is now a huge amount of lost revenue to recover.

Credit: ITV Anglia

Eighty million pounds was spent rebuilding and renovating the luxury University Arms Hotel just three years ago.

Credit: ITV Anglia

Across the region other companies, like Camplings Laundry in Great Yarmouth, also rely on tourism.

It has contracts with some of the town's hotels and is part of the supply chain that helps provide happy holidays for visitors.

Cambridge tourism chiefs have predicted it could be three years before visitor numbers return to pre-pandemic levels but believe the very darkest days for the sector seem to be over.