'State-of-the-art' £700 million studio planned for Hertfordshire

Sunset Studios
An impression of what the site might look like. Credit: An impression of what the site might look like.

Proposals for a £700 million 'state-of-the-art' studio complex to be built in Hertfordshire have been unveiled.

The suggested development is still subject to planning permission, but if it goes ahead those behind it say it would create more than 4,500 permanent jobs.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the plans.

The proposals still need to get planning permission. Credit: Sunset Studios.

The 91-acre site near Broxbourne would be home to Sunset Studios, the group behind hits such as La La Land, When Harry Met Sally and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

The buy was a joint effort between two companies. Blackstone, a real estate company, and Hudson Pacific, a leading Los Angeles-based office and studio owner and operator. 

They say the plans would contribute £300 million annually to the local economy.