Thatching feelings: The couple who met because of a roof

You may expect to meet the love of your life through friends, at a bar or even online. Very few couples meet because of a roof. 

Three decades ago Paul Lewis, a master thatcher, was working on a cottage when he caught the eye of a young lady named Catherine.

Catherine lived next door to the cottage, and since that moment a romantic story has weaved its way into our region's long love affair with thatched cottages.

Three years after they met Catherine and Paul were married, and started a family.

They have become a team together, growing their own straw and working in traditional methods.

Credit: ITV Anglia

Three decades later, that same house needs re-thatching, so Paul is back to where it all began in Royston. 

He was joined by someone else this time, his son, who is now learning the ropes.

Charlie Lewis is learning the ropes from his dad Credit: ITV Anglia