Goat yoga craze hits Suffolk

They say whatever floats your… goat and people across Suffolk have been getting joy from a yoga craze. 

A lot of yoga classes had to move online during the pandemic and it has only been in recent months that people have been able to come together. So what better way to get outdoors than take part in goat yoga. 

Originating from America, sessions now take place in a tranquil corner of Easton Farm Park near Woodbridge in Suffolk. 

Diana Malone brought the craze to East Anglia six years ago after some encouragement from her friend.

The goats roam around people doing yoga Credit: ITV Anglia

Diana says the activity releases peoples ‘happy hormones’ and can turn them into different people. 

Those taking part in the yoga said no ifs, no butts, they found the experience peaceful.

Credit: ITV Anglia

The goats, unsurprisingly, are not always well behaved though. In the past they have made getaways with people’s shoes and bags but luckily there is a goat handler at the ready.