Cruise ships return to Harwich International for first time since the pandemic

Ships in the port Credit: Hutchinson Ports Ltd.

Cruise ships have returned to Harwich International port for the first time since 2019 and the start of the pandemic.

Hutchison Ports Harwich International has welcomed its first cruise vessel call.

The call was for The Golden Horizon which is the world’s largest square-rigged sailing vessel and one of very few sail-powered cruise ships.

I am not sure when we last saw a sailing ship at Harwich, using wind-power harks back to an earlier time but at the same time is very much up-to-date and in tune with the drive towards greater sustainability.

The ship will go on a 10-day cruise along the South Coast during which it will anchor off the Isle of Wight to allow the passengers a view of the Cowes week regatta.