Dashcam footage released showing some of the Northamptonshire's worst drivers

Northamptonshire Police have released dashcam footage captured on the county's roads showing some of the worst examples of dangerous driving.

The videos have all been submitted to the force as part of Operation Snap; where the public can submit their dashcam videos anonymously via their website.

Between April and June 273 dashcam videos were submitted - which results in 121 "notice of intended prosecution" letters being sent to registered vehicle owners. 76 of those were linked to cases of driving without due care and attention.

This driver races through a red light Credit: Northamptonshire Police

Other offences caught on camera were failure to comply with traffic lights, failure to comply with solid white lines road markings, driving a vehicle without reasonable consideration to other road users and dangerous driving.

Northamptonshire Police’s Safer Roads Operations Manager, Matthew O’Connell, said: “Working with our partners from the Northamptonshire Safer Roads Alliance, we’re committed to reducing the number of people who are killed or seriously injured by improving road safety.

“By sharing examples of poor driver behaviour, we hope to raise awareness of the importance to drive responsibly, legally and in accordance with the conditions as well as encourage everyone to use our roads more safely."

What is Operation Snap?

How can I submit dashcam footage?

A number of police forces in the UK will accept dashcam footage from the public in order to secure prosecutions. Northamptonshire Police take theirs in through the Operation Snap website.

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How is it used?

The footage is viewed by trained police staff who check it is suitable to secure a prosecution, using checks on licence plates and witness statements.

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Is it successful?

In the last year, Northamptonshire Police received more than 270 video submission. 121 of these resulted in intention to prosecute notices being sent out.

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People can report offences by uploading video evidence via the Operation Snap website and they'll then be asked to complete a witness statement.

That evidence is then triaged by police staff to check it falls within the scheme's remit.

This car drives up the hard shoulder in a traffic jam Credit: Northamptonshire Police

Matthew O'Connell added: "Although this service allows people to share evidence with us quickly and easily, it’s important to remember we only have a small timeframe from when the offence is committed to review and investigate any offences.

“We would encourage members of the public to use the service and provide us the footage as soon as possible following the incident to allow as much time as possible to review and investigate any offences."