Lorry driver shortage reaching crisis levels

Shortages of lorry drivers across East Anglia are reaching crisis levels. 

Supermarkets have been apologising to many customers because of gaps on the shelves brought about by a chronic lack of drivers.

Brett’s Transport near Peterborough operate 75 lorries, but they cannot work at full capacity as they are in need of another 10 drivers.

Credit: ITV Anglia

Across the UK it is estimated that 100,000 extra truckers may be needed - as many left during the pandemic. 

Now there are calls for short and long term solutions to be found.

Many retailers have faced shortages of some products, the Co-op told us there has been ‘patchy disruption’.

Credit: ITV Anglia

There is not just one reason for the driver shortages. Truckers returning home to Europe, a backlog of 30,000 lorry tests because of coronavirus and changes to tax rules have all been blamed.