Rawr-some news: Dinosaurs finally arrive in Cambridge after Suez hold up

Dino had a long journey, with a week stopover in the Suez Canal. Credit: Kingsway Golf

Two dinosaurs have finally arrived in Cambridgeshire after months of delays

The models were onboard ​​the Ever Given ship that caused widespread chaos after blocking the Suez Canal for a week earlier this year

The ship finally arrived at the Port of Felixstowe last week, with cargo for many businesses across the UK. 

Now, to the delight of staff, the dinosaurs have safely reached Kingsway Golf Centre in Melbourn. They will stand pride of place in its Jurassic Links crazy golf course.

Credit: Kingsway Golf

The giant Tyrannosaurus rex model, imaginatively nicknamed Dino, and his pterodactyl friend will not find their stay in the region lonely.

They are joined by lots of other dinosaurs that have made the golf course their home over the past few months. 

The course said they are delighted this ‘period of forced isolation’ is over.