'Beyond frustrating': Flytipping in Hertfordshire increases 60% as councils try to fix the problem

Credit: ITV Anglia

It is a problem that many people are becoming more and more frustrated with - flytipping. 

Roadsides, parks and farms, all littered with waste. The problem is getting worse for many areas in East Anglia. In Hertfordshire incidents of flytipping have increased by 60% - costing over £1.5 million to clean up. 

The drastic increase has been linked to more people doing home improvements and DIY projects during lockdown. 

Unlicensed waste carriers are also being blamed, who get rid of rubbish quickly and cheaply.  Despite being cheaper for them it is the farmers, landowners and council that have to foot the bill. 

Farmer Tom Streeter says people fly tip on his land every week, costing him thousands of pounds a year to clear up.

  • 'It's beyond frustrating'

On average a flytipping incident is reported four times a day in East Hertfordshire, although sometimes as many as a dozen reports come in. Sam Wood is one of the council's enforcement officers.

She works with the police and environment agency to investigate the flytips and track down where the waste has come from.

Sam Wood is one of the council's enforcement officers. Credit: ITV Anglia

When Sam visits people on the door when their rubbish has been found, they often do not realise their cheaper waste removal service was going to fly tip the rubbish. 

Now councils have the power to fine not only those who took the waste away but also the person whose rubbish it actually is.

People across the county are being urged to get rid of their waste properly with a licensed operator, rather than getting a fine.