Two men jailed for people smuggling in Suffolk

Yacht Progress was hired from an innocent hirer in the Netherlands and has subsequently been returned. Credit: Home Office

Two men have been sentenced for trying to smuggle eight people into the UK off the Suffolk coast.

Border Force Officers boarded a sail boat that was moored at the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club in Lowestoft in April. 

They found eight men from Albania on board. 

Officers spoke to the skipper, James Hall-Brunton and crew member, Carsten Lienen. Their differing stories led to them being arrested. 

Investigators from Immigration Enforcement were deployed and worked with Border Force and International Law Enforcement Agencies in the Netherlands and Germany to investigate. 

A search of the Yacht showed they had tried to hide where the yacht was from, with a Dutch hire company’s name being taped over.

Both men were each sentenced to three years and nine months in jail.