Bedfordshire man using art to help express his grief after losing his son

  • Stanley Greening speaks about how his art is helping him express his grief

A man from Bedfordshire, whose son died after developing a blood clot during lockdown, is using art to express his grief.

Stanley Greening's son, Louis O'Neill, was just 24-years-old when he passed away from deep vein thrombosis in June 2020.

Stanley Greening with his son, Louis O'Neill Credit: Family photograph

Mr Greening said: "My new emotionally charged work is an honest and powerful expression of my grief, exploring spirituality and transformation as a view to immortality.

"Images suggest a spiritual transformation with a radiating energy. The ethereal emerges as a sign of hope and optimism beyond our physicality. They are like visions, a spiritual awakening."

Spirit Drawing 8 Credit: Stanley Greening

Mr Greening's work will feature in a solo exhibition called 'Being' at St Mary's Church in Harlington, Bedfordshire between 11 and 19 September.