Suffolk man desperate to save relatives trapped in Afghanistan

  • Video report by Victoria Lampard

A man from Ipswich is desperately trying to get his family out of Afghanistan. He fears they will be killed if the Taliban finds them. 

Danil says his father, who is a police officer, helped capture and jail a man for a bomb plot, but he has been released since the Taliban took control. 

He said: "Now he's out and he's looking to find my dad because he spends about seven or nine years in jail. My dad was a national police officer, secret so the Taliban and that man, it's a very dangerous problem for him at the moment."

So now Danil's family are in hiding and praying they will soon be able to safely leave the country.

Too worried to eat or sleep, Danil told ITV Anglia he is doing everything he can to save his family. His phone is never far from him as he waits for calls from Kabul and also any developments from his local MP.

He said: "Of course they are scared. My mum's crying, my sister is crying because they are women, and they are scared, more than my dad and brothers - so I just say to them we have to wait, we need some time."

But as they wait his family remains in hiding. They have moved twice in the last week.

Danil's family has the documentation to prove his mother and sister are teachers, his brothers both doctors, and his father, a police officer.  

Danil is in daily contact with his MP Tom Hunt.  His team has made the Foreign Office aware of the situation.

Danil wants the government to save his family "I don't want anything else, just save my family."

A desperate plea from Danil who hopes his efforts will give his family a safe passage out of Afghanistan. 

Kabul Airport

Time is running out to get people safely out of Afghanistan. The Taliban has said it would not allow western forces to remain there past next Tuesday.

The situation at the airport in Kabul remains volatile and dangerous. Even those with the relevant documentation are struggling to get through the crowds.