Fundraising flight from John O'Groats to Land's End in honour of grandparents

Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Raveena Ghattaura.

A 27-year old-man from Norwich has arrived home after completing an emotional flight down the length of Great Britain on a paramotor.

Daniel Jones started his trip of about 800 miles at John O'Groats in Scotland on 16 August and arrived at Land's End in England a week later.

He dedicated the challenge to his grandparents, who died with Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia three years ago.

Grandmother Rosemary and grandfather Fred died within a fortnight of each other. Credit: Family photo

Daniel took 35 hours to complete the flight and at times travelled at speeds of more than 70mph.

He admitted that there were some scary moments on the way including almost getting blown over a mountain and into a valley in the Cairngorms and having to make an emergency landing in Somerset.

"When I was in Weston-super-Mare, I was in the air for three minutes, had an engine problem, should have accepted that I was going to have an emergency landing", Daniel said.

"I tried to nurse it back to health, and eventually landed in a tree that just clipped me as I was just coming in to land."

Daniel said he couldn't have done the challenge without his dad. Credit: Daniel Jones

Daniel was accompanied on the ground by his dad Alan, who drove a support van for the entire journey.

They hope the trip will help raise awareness of Alzheimer's research.

Daniel's grandfather Fred Jones, 88, and his 87-year-old nanny Rosemary Jones died within two weeks of each other.

They both lived in the same care home in Buxton in Norfolk, and their joint funeral was held at the church where they got married in Aylsham.

Daniel Jones set off on 16 August and reached Land's End seven days later. set off on 16 August and reached Land's End seven days later. Credit: Daniel Jones

So far, he's raised more than £10,000 and said his grandparents would be "really proud" of what he has achieved.

"They were always the type of people to say, you know, if you wanted to do something, you go and you go and do that thing", Daniel added.

"Just completing it has been an experience of a lifetime, it's meant the world to me."Daniel is already planning his next challenge as he hopes to compete in the height record on a paramator in 2023.