Chris Packham says Suffolk photographer is an inspiration

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A 23-year-old from Worlingham in Suffolk who was bullied at school because he's autistic is about to do signings of his first book and give a talk to the Royal Photographic Society.

Alfie Bowen says photographing animals gets him through the toughest of times and he's now selling his prints in art galleries up and down the country.

He was told by a teacher that he would never amount to much, so it's still hard for Alfie to accept he's a successful wildlife photographer about to do signings of his debut book.

Wildlife photographer Alfie Bowen Credit: ITV Anglia

Naturalist, television presenter and author Chris Packham says the photographs are outstanding and Alfie's story is inspirational.

All the pictures in Wild World, nature through an autistic eye, have been taken at local zoos.

Alfie's pictures are taken at local zoos Credit: Alfie Bowen

Alfie says when he was at school he was bullied constantly, he had food thrown at him. He told us how he used to eat in a classroom on his own because he couldn't cope with the atmosphere of the dining room.

Phil & Ann Wright, Alfie's grandparents Credit: ITV Anglia

His grandparents already have Alfie's prints on their wall and now they've got a copy of his book too.

Alfie will speak at the Royal Photographic Society on September 11th.

He will talk about his love for animals and no doubt meeting Chris Packham when he was just 8.

Now though the tables have turned with the naturalist, television presenter and author seeing Alfie as his inspiration.