How ping pong has helped one lady in Norfolk with Parkinson’s

When Jan Fuller was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease nine years ago she was determined to do everything she could to stay active.

Some studies show keeping moving may help to alleviate symptoms associated with Parkinson’s. Gentle exercises, cardio and building up muscle strength are all common.

For 62-year-old Jan, who's originally from Essex and now lives in Gorleston in Norfolk, she took up table tennis after a three decade hiatus. 

Jan experiences pain and spasms every few hours, but the sport is a great escape for her. 

Jan playing table tennis with her coach and partner Credit: ITV Anglia

She is now so good at table tennis, she will compete on the world stage in Berlin next week, representing Britain in the Parkinson’s World Table Tennis Championships. 

Table tennis is thought to have big benefits for those with Parkinson's - as a form of physical and mental therapy.

Those that run the event, the International Table Tennis Federation, are now encouraging others to take up the sport.