Calls to boost number of hedgerows in the region to create thousands of jobs

Watch a report by Raveena Ghattaura.

Experts are calling to increase the number of hedgerows in the region in a hope that it could create thousands of jobs.

England already boasts more than 300,000 miles of hedgerow. But campaigners want the government to increase that by nearly half to meet its 2050 net zero carbon  targets. They say doing that could create 25,000 new jobs in planting and maintenance.

The Campaign for Rural England say that could be a win- win for climate, nature and the economy.

'Sadly, half of our precious hedgerows have been ripped from the landscape since the Second World War and we've seen a huge decline in nature and soaring carbon emissions. There is a lot of work to do. Local authorities can support community groups to plant more hedgerows while farmers can help by letting hedgerows grow taller, and bushier."

On farmland in Winston near Stowmarket , there are rows upon rows of hedgerow.

Hedge layer Richard Negus said the concept behind the charity's idea is good - but question some of the practicalities.

Reporter Raveena Ghattaura speaking to Richard Negus.

Whether it's lining roads or bordering fields - hedgerows offer more than just protection and privacy 

Each one is a highway of biodiversity, which habitats hundreds of species of wildlife, and crutial in capturing carbon.