Head teacher's skydive to raise funds for Cambridgeshire primary school

Bridget Harrison Head teacher skydive for school funds
Head teacher Bridget Harrison will be doing a skydive to raise funds for Rackham Primary School. Credit: Rackham Primary School.

Children at a Primary School near Ely are getting behind their head teacher who will jump 15,000 feet from a plane on the 11th September to raise funds for their school. 

Bridget Harrison from The Rackham Primary School in Witchford says she's doing the skydive because there isn't enough government funding for the improvements the school needs to its buildings and grounds.

 Mrs Harrison will fall through the air at 125mph from 15,000 ft, the highest skydive available in the UK. 

Children have been colouring in pictures to support their Head teacher Bridget Harrison. Credit: The Rackham Primary School.

The funds raised from her skydive will pay for improvements, including:

  • Classroom decoration

  • New carpets

  • Replacing outdated and unreliable screens

  • Enhancing the playground and field. 

The school already has 'The Friends of Witchford Rackham', made up of parents who fundraise for the school and now Bridget Harrison is doing her bit.

Mrs Harrison says she is "incredibly nervous", but the skydive is "for the children's benefit and will promote to them our school values of risk taking and determination." 

Among the other school improvements on the wish list from staff and pupils is the repair of the children’s trim trail which has been unsafe to use for several years, repairing the outdoor swimming pool, an extension of the Forest School area and replacing the main window in the school hall, which is damaged.  

The fundraising has so far reached just over £1,700